The CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association sponsored a conference on “Trance”. I gave a talk titled “Patterns of Trance Across the Tree of Life”, thinking about the biological underpinnings of trance and how these operate across the tree of life.


Word of the day: apotropaic

Runner up: Propitiate

Other talks that resonated with me

  • LeiLani D. Dowell (English, CUNY Graduate Center), “The Hypnotic Effects of ‘Homophobia’”
  • Seth Auster-Rosen (Asian Religions, Yale Divinity School), “Narasimha: Masking and Possession on the Cosmic Stage”
  • Alexis Larsson (English, CUNY Graduate Center), “Filmic Trance in the Environmental Baroque”
  • Gwendolyn Shaw (Art History, CUNY Graduate Center), “Vodou Iconography in the Work of Maya Deren”

Good quotes

  • “For the moment, what we attend to is reality”
  • “Art and creativity are communal acts”
  • “Whats the other side of the conversation with nature?”
  • “Beyond the magic”
  • “If it’s not the imagination it’s not working”